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High School Axolotl

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High School Axolotl:
Chapter One

Reading time: 4–5 minutes
The bell rings and everyone knows what time of the week it is, weekend! Slowly people start to stream out of the classroom and when all students went out of their class, the janitor walked into the chemistry class and starts to mop the floor, but he accidentally bumps into the chemistry bottles, while they fall into the aquarium of the axolotl he thinks by himself 'if this axolotl dies because of me then I'll make a grave for him, that's the least i can do,' but when he came back on Monday the axolotl wasn't dead, he sat on a chair eating dry biscuits from the mentor room. 'Wow, the chemistry bottles really did do something to him, should i say hello, maybe he can now talk,' the janitor thought by himself. 'Hello?' The axolotl starts to look at him 'Hello, wait aren't you the guy who put that weird liquid in my aquarium?' asked the axolotl, 'It was an accident!' the janitor objected 'Hey, it's alright i always had nothing to do in that aquarium, now i have something to do,' said the axolotl. 'But what are you gonna do all day then? You can't sit here and eat biscuits all day, the mentors may start to question where all the biscuits are,' he said. 'No idea,' the axolotl said. 'Well, do you wanna.. become a student and get a job?' 'Sure, why not?' 'Alright the English lesson is starting, I'll bring you there,' the janitor said. Every student already took a seat when they came in class 1b, 'Hello janitor.. what is that?' 'The school axolotl.'

Chapter Two

'How did he get so big?!' she asked, 'I may have bumped into a few chemistry bottles?' he said apologetically 'He also wanted to become student,' 'Can he talk?!' 'Yes, i can, all animals can, they only don't have the correct mouth for it , those bottles have changed my DNA,' the axolotl said. 'I.. guess you can join the English lesson, when do you use than or then?' she asked 'You can use “then” in a sentence when referring to a sense of time, whether past or future, you can also use it to show consequences. “than” features comparisons between two unequal items, places, persons or events.' 'Very good, Uh.. take a empty seat,' she said. The bell rings and the axolotl goes to search for the janitor, he is in one of the other classes and is cleaning up, 'Ah, there you are!' he said happily 'I'm almost done, after this you can live at my house, if you want to,' he said 'Sure!' the axolotl said.
'It's time for swimming!' the lifeguard screamed 'This is the first time i swim again, can i still do it?' the axolotl questioned by himself 'let's just try it!' The axolotl starts to swim like how a sea animal would swim, because he's still technically a sea animal. 'Who can sit the longest underwater without breathing?' the lifeguard asked, all students start to go underwater and hold their breath except the axolotl, because he can breathe underwater, Actually now that i think about it, that sounds pretty cool! Breathing on land and in sea! But let's just continue, the axolotl is now friends with a few students: Jenna, Yang, Floris, the janitor and Lincoln and they have a YouTube channel together, where they draw, so basically a drawing channel then and their pretty popular on YouTube and they already have a house together at their 15th (except the janitor obviously, he is already in his 30s) and their parents found it alright, O yeah, about the janitor before this house he had a tiny apartment from the money he earned as janitor. Now the janitor stopped working as janitor, now he works as editor for the videos, but sometimes he still cleans the school for fun, and for the rest they live a happy life together.

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