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9 mar. Removed Bringus, because the image doesn't work anymore.
5 nov. Added Wii Room.
2 jul. Added new 404 page.
27 jun. Added cool font that Google also uses (Product Sans).
28 may. Added Windows XP taskbar, have hidden hotline webring on mobile bc it caused problems, removed some unneeded button code that made the neumorphism theme buttons look bad and made the button text on mobile hard to read, added scrollbar to Site Updates, added time to taskbar, added nice gradient on button hover
27 may. Added Super Mario Bros. to projects
26 may. Added Fruit Ninja in Projects
13 may. Added site updates

Hi i'm FR And Welcome To My Dream Computer!

On this slice of web (of my own) i put sometimes stuff on it, so if you want to you can bookmark or follow this site! (it's a good idea to follow, because i sometimes forget adding a project to the projects section)

Cool PC
Last updated: 9 mar.

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Here are my interests: General: Tech, reading, guitar, piano, YouTube and photography.
Music: I like Pop and Classic music
Movies: Anything with not too much blood
Television: I like shows from Disney Channel, Nickelodeon, Comedy Central and Shark Tank.
Books: I like funny, fantasy and adventurious books
Heroes: You and Doge
Images, Gifs & Gizmos Dividers depiciting Toro Inoue, also known as the Sony cat. He is opening and closing his mouth in a neutral happy expression.Web Neko (Cat) walking across the screen


My Mood:Happy
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