Dear page viewer, sorry if i was inactive. I was focusing more on tiny projects, but i'm now are going to try to update it sometimes.

Hi i'm FR And Welcome To My Dream Computer!

on this slice of web (of my own)i put sometimes something on it, so if you want to you can bookmark this site!
Here's a computer(!):
Move your mouse over me! Im just a flying text!
FR Web the place to be


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This site, FR Web, is keeping the old web alive. Thanks, FR_thinker!

Hello, i'm FR and i love tech!

Welcome to my website!

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Handsome Squidward Compilation

just something that i made

here are my interests:

Interests: General: Tech, reading, Minecraft, YouTube and more! Music: I like Pop, Rap and Classic music Movies: I like animated movies Television: I like shows from Disney Channel and Nickelodeon Books: I like funny and adventurious books Heroes: You and Doge

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