what's going on guys i'm here in the new kitchen and the first meal that i'm going to be cooking here and showing you guys is chicken tenders now if you've been viewing the cooking tutorials for a while now you know that i don't just make basic foods i've always got to do something to put a little bit of a unique twist on it and there's a couple of things that i'm going to be doing with these chicken tenders, so the first thing: an air fryer so i'm not going to be deep frying these chicken tenders or cooking them in the oven or pan frying, nothing like that they're going to go in the air fryer so maybe they'll be a little bit more healthy but not really because the other twist is that instead of using regular breading i'm going to be using frosted flakes for the bread crumbs so the chicken is going to have a bit of a more sweet and savory taste to it hopefully but yeah let's get started! All right so we've got our stuff set up, here we've got our chicken and then our flour, then we're going to put it in the egg wash and then we're going to lay it right here on top of the breadcrumbs now for the seasoning you can use pretty basic seasoning like seasoning salt, salt, pepper, whatever you want i have a blend here which is mostly salt and pepper and then i added a little bit of cayenne pepper for color and for spice as well if you still want to get the color without making it too spicy you could add paprika instead so we're going to be mixing this spices in with the flour just go ahead and mix that together. Allright and now we'll start dipping chicken i'm probably going to end up doing multiple batches of this because in the air fryer you don't want to layer your chicken on top of each other because then it won't cook correctly so i'm probably gonna have to do multiple just because of that i only have a 5.5 liter air fryer. Now when you get over to your bread crumbs or frosted flakes in this case you want to really press the chicken into it so that it picks up all of those bread crumbs or frosted flakes in this case and so that's what a finished tender should look like more or less well finished before it goes into the airfryer you obviously don't want to eat a raw chicken tender so we'll give this one some flour and some egg and then some corn flakes, flower get two hands involved here so we can go faster, egg, corn flake all right and there we go here's our breaded chicken tenders now before we throw this into our air fryer basket you do want to give it a little bit of vegetable oil, you want to just coat the outside of it you don't need a whole lot like this is obviously way less oil than if we were pan frying it or if we were going to be deep frying it certainly but this is literally the only oil that's going to be used in your air fryer so i like to get both sides so that's one side and then i'm gonna put these face down into the basket and again don't, don't stack them you only want to line the bottom of them you don't want multiple layers of chicken on top of each other because then they're not going to cook correctly so just lay these all down i might have to do a little bit of tetris to get this last guy in there let's see move these over move these over bam there's the last one there we go so let's throw that in the air fryer now all air fryers are more or less the same only difference is how much they hold in their basket and maybe the controls on the panel, mine's an insignia so the settings i'm going to be using are specific to insignia you know i was an ex best buy employee so i got lots of cheap insignia crap but anyway for mine just turn it on and then there's a mode button over here it lets you select the mode and the one with chicken drumsticks, that's the mode for chicken so i've already done wings in the airfryer before and they came out all right so this is going to be 20 minutes at 360 degrees ℃ and then listen to that baby world, all right so let's come back in 20 minutes and see how that comes out you know, i almost just did you guys a huge disservice because my attendees are almost cooked but i just realized i don't have any honey mustard in the house to use on them but luckily i know how to make honey mustard so let me show you guys how to do that real quick uh in case you're in a similar situation to me almost done with your attendees and no honey mustard to put on them which you have to put on them, i mean some people they put ketchup, they put barbecue sauce on them i don't know what's wrong with people that do this to their attendees maybe they're heathens or something but we're going to make honey mustard so the main base for honey mustard believe it or not is actually mayonnaise kind of the case with a lot of sauces like this so we're going to start off with that you're going to want about maybe one third to half of a cup of mayonnaise i'm just going to sort of measure by using uh heaping tablespoons and then we're going to want a couple of tablespoons of yellow mustard see i think this one has to be opened i don't think i've even yep haven't opened this one yet all right and then we'll get a couple tablespoons of this then we're going to need some of the brown spicy mustard i believe this needs to be opened as well. I have all of this fresh store-bought mustard but no honey mustard! What was i thinking all day i wanted tendees and never did i get the honey mustard. All right so we got our spicy mustard and then we're going to need some honey now this is something that you'll sort of add and adjust depending on your taste i guess everything is like that right you add or adjust depending on your taste and i'll do an overflowing spoonful [Music] all right let's start mixing this up now [Music] we'll add a pinch of salt oh that's already tasting good i'm going to do truffle salt instead you know kick things up a notch let's get the lid back on this mayo some paprika for color of course you can use cayenne if you want and then i like to add a little bit of balsamic vinegar just to give it almost a bit of like a twang to it you know like a little bit of sour not a whole lot just a small amount maybe half a tablespoon [Music] and now this should start taking on a slightly different color [Music] well we're spilling a bit on the side [Music] let's try to get some of those mayonnaise clumps out make sure everything blends evenly [Music] let's try this out needs a bit more honey for my taste there we go that ought to be plenty [Music] now that that is honey mustard all right so the first batch uh is finished i just heard the little um beep go off on my air fryer so i'm gonna get this next batch uh start it up and then we'll just do a quick switch of room um now this batch the pieces of chicken are a little bit thicker i think like uh you know they're a little bit meatier so i might add an extra minute or two to um to the airfryer let's see how they came out though because that's going to determine and added slightly more corn flakes this time so i'm hoping that i can really really coat them get them on there and not run out like i did before like this one already kind of looks like it needs some more love i think there's more chicken in here too it's like i don't know pack closer together maybe i'll have to do a third like half batch we shall see how i can get them to fit in the airfryer press these down into the flakes they're already taking up so much more room on my plate alrighty so this is actually a few days later um these are the leftover attendees uh that i made this is basically what's left over um my footage or my camera basically ran out of space so a lot of footage was lost but we got the homemade attendees and the homemade honey mustard i don't think any of uh the honey mustard making made it and is gonna make it into the final video but um it's whatever maybe i'll make a another video sometimes showing you guys how to make this stuff because this is really good like honey mustard you gotta have honey mustard for 10 days uh so let's see how they taste now like i said this is a couple days later but they're still pretty crispy on the outside um we got to see how juicy they are on the inside make sure that they didn't dry out because of course that's a pretty common thing to happen with chicken especially if it's air fried so let's dip it in our honey mustard see how it is yeah that's still really good it was better on the first day that i made it it looks like it's dried out a little bit like if you look on the inside it's not super dry you know it hasn't turned like that weird um kind of like grayish color that uh chicken turns when it gets dry but it's not super juicy like it was when i first made it like when i when i first made it it almost tasted like it was deep fried but obviously it wasn't it was air fried um so i'd say that this is pretty good there's uh some things i might do to improve the recipe like i might try brining the chicken before i like bread it and everything like that peace out